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Are you dreaming of a perfect air conditioning system to feel comfortable under any weather conditions? Do you want to have a new air conditioner or replace the old one? Performance Heating and Cooling AC in Davenport is here to serve your needs. We specialize in air conditioner installation and replacement. Our in-depth knowledge and long-lasting experience in the field guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction.


The best thing is that with Performance Heating and Cooling you have a clear picture of the budget necessary for AC installation Davenport from the very start. We make an accurate individual estimate for every client to help you avoid unpleasant money contingencies.

Why You Need an Accurate Estimate before AC Installation Kissimmee

Obviously, when you plan an air conditioner installation, you want to know the new AC installation cost. Of course, you can browse different websites to find out a new AC unit cost in Florida. However, it’s not the best idea. The fact is that the real cost of every air conditioning system will vary greatly. The price will change because of several factors:


  • the size of your house;
  • the type of the AC system (a window unit, split system, central system or portable units);
  • brand manufacturers.


That’s why, if you are not a certified expert in HVAC, you can’t do without Performance Heating & Cooling, AC Davenport pros.

What We Do

We offer you a free accurate estimate of the AC installation. We’ll help you determine the type of air conditioning system you need as well as calculate its cost. Please note that free estimates on equipment replacement doesn’t include a technician diagnostic.


We don’t leave you to the mercy of fate after the air conditioner installation. We also offer air duct cleaning, air conditioner maintenance services, and air conditioner repair. We are a full service AC installation Davenport company.

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